A Different View of Istanbul


Istanbul ferry Just coming into kadikoy

Entering the harbour at Kadikoy with a view to the historic Haydarpaşa Terminus

Istanbul is a sprawling metropolis with so much to offer a traveller here you can:-

  • Take a walk in time through the fantastic history of the place, actually see history live on the streets and in the architecture.
  • Enjoy a  gourmets delight, the melting pot of nationalities ensures the restaurants and street vendors provide many different culinary treats.
  • Take a tour or trips along the Bosphorus by ferry, seabus or private hire.
  • Shop till you drop at some of the fantastic modern shopping centers or in the famed Grand Bazaar.
  • Visit night clubs and hear music of every genre, dance till the morning and drink a mix of cocktails, the good Turkish beer or sample some Raki if you dare.
  • Visit palaces, museums, art galleries, theatres by the galore if you want culture then Istanbul is your town.
  • Find a bustling cafe society or a quiet place in a park or along the Bosphorus to sit and contemplate life.

Whatever you reason for visiting Istanbul there is something for everyone. The two sides offer interesting places to see. The European side does have the most touristic places to see and you can take a guide for that but I suggest you make your itinerary and do you own thing. You might see slightly less but the experience of wandering Istanbul is one to have.

I do suggest you plan a day on the Asian side, not as much to see but what there is makes for a great day out. Head over on the Ferry to Kadikoy, try and go on a market day (bazaar). Take a look here to see what I would consider a perfect day on the Anatolian side.

I look out for cheap deals for trips to Istanbul often going for just a few days, I love it there so much and such a quick flight from Europe. Another quick tip, I do not always have the cash in hand and rather than buy on my credit card I get a short term micro loan from a company I have used a number of times. Quick, efficient cash in hand,  really useful when you spot a bargain deal.

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