About Me

I have never kept a blog before but I have been a fairly consistent diary writer for many years. My name is Claire, I am from the UK and I am an air stewardess, I know we tend to be called cabin crew these days but I am from an older school. I love my job and have been doing it for quite a while now, although I took a few years break when my children were younger. I have covered long and short haul, but recently I’ve been doing European trips, although that could change at any time. I have seen so many tourist places and cities, some fantastic some not so much so. My family is always saying I should write about my experiences and I have decided to have a go. This blog is my attempt to share some of what I have seen and done over the years. Some of the cities I have visited have changed considerable over the years, becoming developed and well recognised, others have remained untouched, like time and developers have past them by. I want to share via my posts some of the offbeat tourist places I have found over the years alongside the usual but not to be missed places in a number of cities. If you have some interesting anecdotes on any of the places please feel free to add them in the comments section.

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