Cheap air tickets for holiday travel

Cheap air tickets for holidays

Getting cheap air tickets when planning a holiday can be really nice. Holiday is the time to travel and recharge after work. Air travel is the quickest way to travel and can also be inexpensive with a bit of knowledge about getting air tickets at a low price. Here are some tricks for getting cheap air tickets while traveling.

(1) Fly on a Wednesday/Thursday – Mid-week is the time when most seats are vacant. Hence, the lowest fares occur on Wednesday/Thursday. Research has also supported this fact and this has been my personal experience on a number of occasions.

(2) Check for cool deals – There are many cool deals on the websites of airline companies. So, before booking via a travel agent, check the airline companies’ websites in order to get a nice deal.

(3) Take a morning or late night flight – Early morning flights are the most inexpensive and the second cheapest tickets are late at night. It is a bit inconvenient to travel to the airport at night or early morning, but it is worth the hassle due to the huge discounts.

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