Familiar vs the Unknown – Why Staycations Aren’t So Bad

Familiar vs the Unknown - Stonehenge

Brits not going to new destinations for vacation is becoming quite a common occurrence. Actually, staycations are quite popular all around the world. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, ‘staycation’ refers to a vacation in your home country instead of travelling abroad or staying at home and taking day trips to local attractions. There are many good reasons to travel in your own country opposed to travelling to foreign countries. When it comes to the familiar vs the unknown, staying close to home means you can seek out the cultural tastes, celebrations and features your country is known for and which you enjoy. Since the travel to far-off countries hasn’t gobbled up all of your time and money, you’ll benefit from a more luxurious, exciting vacation which will actually be longer and filled with more things to see and do. Exploring the familiar vs the unknown doesn’t have to be a second-best option. Thousands of tourists visit the UK throughout the year, so why not check-out some of the unknown gems in your own backyard? You’ll be surprised how little it will cost you for a whole lot of fun and adventure, all while basking in the beauty and splendour of home.

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