Most popular holiday destinations

While travelling I have learnt about most popular holiday destinations all around the world. These destinations are visited from people all over the world and have really some charm which makes them come back.

(1) The Forbidden City Lhasa, Tibet – Do you know that this city was barred for the general public till 2010. Yes the emperor decided who could come and go from the city. Hence it got the name “Forbidden City”. On researching about this destination I found a movie everybody should watch titled “The Last Emperor”. Another ‘must visit’ among the most popular holiday destinations of the world.

(2) The convergence of two continents Istanbul, Turkey – If you like to shop and bargain then Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the place you would never want to miss. The place is famous for exquisite carpets, hand painted ceramics and Turkish coffee which I love.

(3) Niagara falls USA and Canada – One of the most popular holiday destinations is the Niagara falls. The most talked about and the most photographed waterfall of the world. I saw it from the Canadian side when I was in Ontario. Rated as the most voluminous waterfall in the world it is indeed spectacular.

(4) Bhutan the mountain Kingdom – It is really amazing how a small country can be on top of the world’s happiness index. Rated as the happiest country in the world, there are many things to see in this amazing mountain kingdom. Another interesting fact is that the vehicle numbers here are the names of people who own it. Did you know that?

(5) Rome the holy city – Not only is this city in Italy famous for the seat of Pope the head of the Roman Catholics, but a great holiday destination as well. Lots of places to visit and even a fortnight is not enough to cover all.

(6) Goa the land of beaches – If you ask anybody in Europe, or Americas about the most sought after place to visit in the Indian subcontinent, Goa would perhaps be the number 1. Nice place for music, dance and the sunlit beaches and its luxury hotels. One place you should visit is “The nature’s Nest” within the forest in this small Indian state. You can check about this amazing place to stay online.

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