Tips on how to pack light for travel

Packing things for travel might be a personal decision, but how many times did you miss a train or a bus because your luggage was way too heavy? Shedding size and weight of your things might not always save the trip, but there is no doubt that it will have a positive effect on your spine. Here are some basic tenets on how to pack light for travel, stay tuned. packing items into hand luggage might not always be the easiest job, but if you fold and roll everything you can, there is no doubt that it will fit in the overhead compartment of a plane. Remember, folded and rolled is always smaller than waded. Yet, if you use more than a third of the space in your bag for your clothes, you should know that you’re taking too much. Take out some of the clothes,- the world is not as harsh as you think. The shed of trilogy works just fine when packing for travel. Take three pairs of socks for washing, wearing and drying. The unknown part about travelling awakens a desire to bring familiar stuff, but most of the things you think you desperately need can be borrowed or bought wherever you go. The last thing you need to know about light luggage is that wearing is not carrying. So, do whatever you can if you want to save your sanity. Now you know how to pack light for travel, book your ticket and have fun!

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