Top 10 holiday destinations

When talking about top 10 holiday destinations, many places come into the mind. It is really difficult to list the top 10 holiday destinations from around the world as they constantly change. I have tried to be as impartial as possible, and include destinations from all around the world that might not be my favourite.

(1) Burma – The rise of democracy and success of Aung San Suu Kyi has made Burma a really friendly place for tourism. It is a perfect place for holidays with the ancient temples of Bagan and river cruises on the river Irrawaddy. If you want an inexpensive holiday with adventure Burma is the place.

(2) Cuba -The land of the old colonial Cuba still carrying a reminiscent atmosphere is one of the top 10 holiday destinations. The irresistible beaches and the world famous cigar factories are just two options in this pristine location; add in some water sports adventure and it is a complete holiday package.

(3) Peru – Very soon the capital city of Lima will be very much approachable from UK with British airways planning 3 flights in a week starting from May 4 2016. The pre Inca ruins and the mountainous terrain along the coastline make it a perfect getaway if you are looking for trekking holidays. Ensure that you explore the coastal city of Gatwick for its nightlife and fine food.

(4) India – The most diverse location for holidays is India. You can trek in the North Eastern part, enjoy the Himalayan trail in Himachal Pradesh and also enjoy the beaches down south in Goa. It is quite frugal destination with value for money not at the expense of enjoyment. Travelling has become really easier with the new e-visa being introduced. It has made it easier and the cost has been reduced.

(5) Puerto Rico – Sandy beaches beckon you in this very popular holiday destination. Enjoy the UNESCO protected fort and the restaurants and bars while enjoying one of the most hospitable places in the world.

(6) San Jose, USA – Very near to California city this place is in between San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you want to explore driving pleasure along with wine this is the best holiday destination. Just drive along the Pacific coast way visiting the Yosemite National park and the wineries in the Napa region.

(7) Greece – One of the most visited countries for a holiday is Greece. From Athens the Olympic city with historical places to Kalamata which is south of mainland with beaches, olives and honey there is a place for everyone.

(8) Australia – The land of Kangaroos is also a interesting place of visit. With easy Visa from Britain you can enjoy the outback and the unique wild life.

(9) Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway) – The land of the Vikings is a nice place to visit during summers. With the out of the world experience of the northern lights and really nice farms it is the perfect place for leisure holidays. But beware of the low temperatures; people quite easily freeze when they venture outside in the night.

(10) Iceland – It is the land of fire and ice. You can find glaciers and hot springs and also Volcanoes. Very near to UK it really is a different and pleasant place for holiday and adventure.

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