Top 5 holiday destinations: Fun and affordability in one!

Cheap European holiday destinations always include Italy. For those looking for awesome Italian getaways, you can’t go past Sardinia, offering great hotels, attractions, bars, restaurants and things to do. Sardina also offers some exquisite beaches and fantastic seafood. Top 5 holiday destinations have to include France and the city of Bordeaux on the river Garonne. The city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007. You’ll find wonderful budget hotels and lots of thrilling activities in this amazing city. Madeira, Portugal has to form part of the top 5 holiday destinations because its wonderful islands promise golden beaches with a subtropical climate. The islands of trees and flowers have won the prize for being ‘Europe‚Äôs Leading Island Destination’ rich in tourist attractions. One of the islands, Porto Santo, has only 5,000 inhabitants living in the small paradise. Croatia is another drawcard with Istria’s ancient villages and a number of beautiful National Parks. Spain is an awesome European destination and for those who want beautiful beaches away from the maddening crowds, Asturias is known for its rugged cliffs and marvellous coastline is a must-see destination. Europe is indeed a travel destination high on everyone’s agenda.

Top 5 holiday destinations

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