Travel to Europe by Train and be Amazed by the Landscape

There’s something romantic and eternally elegant about travelling by train. If you have the time to spare, I highly recommend you travel to Europe by train. Not only does train travel make the journey a key part of the trip, it is actually a really comfortable way to travel. It is easy to travel to Europe by train, just hop on to the Eurostar in London’s St Pancras station and then change in France or Belgium to continue your journey. Although it is wonderful to watch the amazing scenery go by and slowly change from the lush vineyards to fairy tale castles, to the turquoise of the Mediterranean sea and the majestic mountains, for very long journeys European night trains are brilliant. You can go to sleep in Paris and wake up in Venice, Madrid or any other wonderful European destination. Sleeper trains are in general very comfortable and the movement of the train is guaranteed to rock you to sleep in no time.

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