Travel Places

Looking beyond the famous places is ‘my thing’ something I do when visiting any country. While travelling I try to avoid the touristic travel places that everyone goes to. Instead I look out for places that are less crowded and less visited. If you are in Italy you should try and visit these 3 amazing travel places.

(1) Portofino – It is a quaint little fishing village in the Tigullio Gulf. It is believed to have been founded by the Romans and named as Portus Delphini meaning a port of dolphins due to large number of visiting dolphins in the area. It became famous in the 1950 because of the famous composition “Love in Portofino” by Leo Chiosso. It is a famous tourist place but still retains the old charm which you will feel it when you go there.

(2) Ravenna – If you are fond of mosaic painting and art make sure you visit this place. Located on Adriatic coast it has traditionally been a place of mosaic art. It is hardly known as a tourist destination and not normally on a travel places list but it is a regular pilgrimage destination. This is a small place, where eight of the buildings have been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The mosaics in Neonian Baptistery are believed to generate personal images for people. The most famous one is the sinking of Peter in blue mosaic which the world famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung envisioned, when he came back the next day there was no such mosaic! Seems out of the world right! Well you have to see it to experience it.

(3) Urbino – Not an easy place to get to, travel is only by bus up a very bumpy mountain road. Definitely one of the challenging and slightly difficult to reach travel places. So I took the difficult ride, well worth it! I was mesmerized by the location and the magnificent Palazzo Ducale, the seat of the most famous court of the Renaissance era. It was so charming and lovely that you forgot many aches and pains garnered from the ride there. It is a must visit place for people who love lost renaissance places still having the old flavour and charm. I strongly recommend scouting out these offbeat travel places in Italy, maybe not for those who want luxury and five stars but certainly for the adventurous and romantic.

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